Pictures Of Me Using My Sex Toys On Myself

I enjoy using sex toys on myself and love sharing my photos, movies and ideas about using different types of sex toys with both men and women. These pictures are of me using sextoys on my pussy, see me pushing toys inside my wet vagina, I love how it feels when I thrust it deep inside me. To see a bigger photograph, just click on the thumbnail. The sex-toys I'm using in these photos both have vibrations, the first pink and white toy isn't huge, its about 7 inches long, its made of hard rubber and its about 4 inch thick and is ribbed along the sides. It does feel very good as I guide in into my wet wanting hole, when I move it in and out of me the ribbing makes it stick to my skin, its vibrations are quite mild and it slowly builds up to a great orgasm. Its a good toy to use on my clit as its not too intense and soon has me cumming. Another bonus is it can quite easily fit in my hand bag :-). The other toy is bright orange red colour and is supposed to glow in the dark. This one has a lovely jelly feel its made from silicon and is more bendy. It is large, its length is 9 inches and the girth is 5 and half inches round the thickest part, I really enjoy its penis shape, it has a more realistic feel, very pleasurable, perfect for the nights when your horny and at home on your own, it feels more like being fucked by a real cock, and when taking these pic's it sure did make me cum!
I have tried quite a few, all shapes and sizes big, small, giant, soft and hard sex toys and ones made from different materials on my pussy. I also like to use anal toys on my ass. I also find it very erotic using sex toys as a couple. I'd like to hear from others who are into sextoys, especially about the ones that feel the best, or the more bizarre, extreme hardcore or homemade sextoy's you may have. Not just women, if your a man who uses them, id like to hear about it too and if you want to share your sextoy story's with me, or rate my sextoy pictures, post to my Sex Toy Blog
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See a woman using a vibrating sex toy on her clitoris.
That sure feels good vibrating on my clit

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Feels like a real hard cock

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The many joys of sextoys

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Feels so good thrusting in me

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Sextoys are a girls best friend :-)

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Sex toys make me cum

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Pussy so wants that big sextoy

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