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May 5, 2015


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Hi, now the weather is getting warm I was thinking its just the right time to indulge myself and you of course, (can’t do it on my own) in my biggest turn on, which is exhibitionism, its now a great time for getting naked outdoors, having some amazing sex and with the bonus /excitement of being caught, or better still being watched. I don’t know why being watched gets me so excited but it really does, Which I found out The first time I was watched having sex nothing could be better well mmm maybe two guys fucking me whilst another watched πŸ™‚ There I go being cock greedy again! lol Flashing in public is fun and does give me more than a little thrill, but getting nude and having sex in public place is just an amazing turn-on..
I am not saying I have to be watched screwing to enjoy it, I don’t, to be truthfull the best sex I have had has been indoors as the sex can be so much more erotic, I just cum ridiculously quicker when being watched having sex outside (if I was a guy it would be described as embarrassing quick, now you understand πŸ™‚ ) but luckily for me, us women don’t have to worry about that and .. Hey!.. I’m all ready and raring to go for orgasm number two. πŸ™‚
Would you meet me, get back to nature for some wild fun outside? Please answer to this post if you would like to meet me. Here – I will add a little pic to the post, To show you what needs filling πŸ™‚ hot sexy wild woman seeking sex in public Obviously I mean a meet at night time, and in a rather secluded outdoor pace to make sure its adult eyes only watching. Does that appeal to you?

Is there anyone else who also gets off on exhibition? I love to hear from all you exhibitionists, what public nudity experiences have you had? I was wondering how popular exhibitionism is in men, a lot of guys I know if asked ‘want to meet me in the supermarket car park tonight and fuck me’ would say, hell yes! ( because being a typical man, they would never turn down the offer of having sex) πŸ™‚ or maybe that’s just the men I know lol, The sex I have had outdoors has just happened in the heat of the moment, A mans never suggested doing it outside to me. A few have been into dogging but that was it being more of a moresome thing for them. So does the actual act of having sex outside in a risky place where you could be seen actually ‘heighten their sexual arousal’ like it does for me? I really don’t know. Is it more a female fetish? I know a couple of my female friends do really get turned on when being watched, feedback on this would be very appreciated I am very interested to know.
Thanks love Jane x
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April 14, 2006

Fun and frolics in the hot spring sun

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Happy Easter everyone !, I love this time of the year, and its no its not because of the chocolate eggs, (there not too great anyway, always melt so fast and leave my panties all sticky and messy πŸ™‚ ) Noo its because spring is here, and the promise of summer is not too far ahead, the great outdoors beckons me to get outside and enjoy some outdoor fun and frolics, (images of tanned half naked bodies and hot hands rubbing sun tan lotion over my body come to my mind) and all those skimpy little bra tops, tiny bikini thongs, hot pants, mini skirts and strappy sandals can come out of the closet, days at the beach sunbathing topless, or nude if i can get away with it, and trips to the countryside full of green fields for romping in, loom ahead. Lots of opportunities to expose my self πŸ™‚ maybe find a horny man or woman to lay under the sun or stars, may even be caught in action or even joined, there’s really no other time like it.

Not only can you see half dressed men and women around everywhere, all the dogging couples are coming out too, exhibiting having sex and putting on a public show from their car in carparks and laybys for voyeur guys who go there to openly watch them jacking themselves off, others engage in sex with total strangers, some wifes and girlfriends giving head to men with their dick pushed through the open car window, others get out and bend over the car bonnet and invite one or maybe a group of the men to fuck her while her husband watches or joins in. and to think if your adventurous enough you could be joining in. Doesn’t just the thought of it make you feel a stirring in your loins? im getting wet and tingly writing about it! can you think of a better time of year for trying someting or someone new πŸ™‚ Planning any outdoor events? I’d love to hear and meet others who love to get it out and get it on outdoors

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