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May 7, 2007

Swingers Lifestyle

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I love the swinging lifestyle – open-minded horny men, women and couples living out their sexual fantasies, sharing, swapping their wife, girlfriend, husband or boyfriend with another swinging couple, groups of swingers and with a single man or woman. Participating in straight or bi mmf ffm threesomes, mfmf foursomes, trying first time girl on girl or man2man bisex, interracial frolics, group sex orgies and gangbangs. I would love to meet and make friends with others in to swinging, If your a swinger or interested in the swingers life style, please take part in this swingers blog and post back your answers, some have answers to select although you may add your own! so please join in and lets all get swinging!

Question Tell me about yourself selves.
I am white.
I am black.
I am mixed race.
I am Hispanic.
I am Asian.
I am Arabic.
Single straight male.
Married straight male.
Single Bi male.
Married Bi male.
A couple with a Bi female.
A couple that are both Bi.
Married straight female.
Single straight female.
Married Bi female.
Single Bi female.
Lesbian woman.
Gay man.
I am 18-24.
I am 25-39.
I am 30-34.
I am 35-40.
I am 41-45.
I am 46-50.
I am 51-55.
I am 56-60.
I am 61-65.
I am 66-70.
I am 71-75.
I am 76-80.
older than that, GOOD ON YA

Question what do you think is the best sex?
m f
f m f bi
mmf bi
ff bi
mm bi

Question What would you like your wife or girlfriend to do to make you happy?
Fuck a bunch of strangers at a swingers club.
Suck you off at public park with a crowd of guys watching and jerking themselves on her.
Fuck your bosses on a regular basis so you can get raises and promotions.
Become a weekend stripper so you can bring your horny friends to see how much a slut your wife.
Sell her services to buy a car, go on special vacations, buy a boat.
Have her dress like a cheap whore to your high school reunion.
Have her do gang-bang porno for your friends to enjoy.
Have her invite some of her new found Bi-lady friend come over and gang-bang you!.
make her a sex slave to service men at the drop of a hat!

Question What fantasies get you off? This is for any of the ladies
Anal play – no penetration
Hot hard anal sex makes me come every time!
Oral – having my pussy ate!
Sucking cock makes me cum!
Swallowing cum gets me off!
Licking his ass and probing deep!
Having him talk nasty to me and tell me what a little slut I am. The nastier the better!
Having my man rub his dick all over my body, tits, legs, behind my knees, over my belly, on my ass- where ever he wants to rub that cock on me!
Having my nipples played with – gently.
Having my nipples twisted or nipple clamps used on them!
Golden showers get me off!
Having large objects shoved up my cunt & asshole turns me on and gets me off!
Enemas make me cum!
Hard spanking and some mild S&M gets me over the top and makes me cum!
Being a bitch Goddess Mistress and spanking my cuckold of a little man!
Fantasies & role playing trips my trigger and makes me cum!
Gangbangs – the more cock I can get at one time the better it is!
Other stuff, tell me.

Question Men and women please share your favourite sexual fantasies or if not a fantasy anymore, but something that has become your favourite sexual act.
FMF threesome.
MFM threesome.
An all out orgy this would be more than 5.
Sex in the bathroom at a restaurant or bar.
Watching or participating in a lesbian scene.
A good old fashioned spanking, baby!
Role playing.
Being teased mercilessly by your partner while restrained.
Ice, ice baby.
Plain old anal sex.
Sex in a hot tub.
Having a cam2cam masturbation fest.
Phone sex.
Soft, slow lovemaking in front of a fire.
Gettin’ wild in the wild! Sex outdoors.
Oral sex giving it.
Oral sex getting it.
A blow job while driving.
Nothing better than titty-fucking!
Showering together, it can be SO dirty!

Question are you here looking for new friends to share sexual playtimes with?
Have you ever had a swingers encounter?
Have you been to a swingers club, swingers party or sex orgy?
What age swingers do you prefer to meet, younger or older?
Does having a threesome bring couples closer together sexually?
How old were you when you first engaged in a three-some or four-some, etc?
Ladies, would you be interested in watching your man suck a cock in a threeway?
Does the thought of couples having Hot sex with total strangers add to the excitement of the encounter and your lives?
For the men, What is the biggest turn on in swinging for you?
In a swinging type situation what turns you on more?
What have you found to be the most helpful way to find friends in the lifestyle?
Bi couples if you were involved with your next door neighbours. What would be your preferred situation?
Have you eaten you wife after another man came inside her?
What are your thoughts of a male/male/female 3 some of bi sex between the 2 men?
where does your wife prefer you be when she is having sex with her lover
Husbands What nasty things has your wife done or had done to her?
If it is a while between you and your partner meeting her lover how do you feel?
How many of you women would fuck a guy in the ass? If yes what would you prefer to use?
One day you come home to find your husband or wife in the sack with your best friend. For months you’ve expected this, and finally here you are, watching them. They haven’t noticed you yet. What do you do?
Ladies when you’re having sex, would you rather your man be dominant or submissive?
Men when you’re having sex would you rather your woman be dominant or submissive?
Housewife’s or girlfriends would you like to watch your husband or boyfriend fucking another woman?
Husbands and boyfriends, if your wife or girlfriend is considering extracurricular sex, how would you respond?
Wives or girlfriends what’s the most guys you’ve had in one day? any type of sexual thing, blowjob/ fuck/ handjob all count same day, not only same time.
If you could have a swinging experience in public, would you do it with strangers or friends?
Bi-Couples what would be your fantasy night?
MM-FF in different rooms.
MM-FF in same room.
MMFF altogether.
Females watching the males.
Males watching the females.
Females telling males what they want to see.
Males telling females what they want to see.
MMF while 1 watches.
FFM while 1 watches.
More then 2 couples.

Question Which of the following do you think every man gay str8 bi should try at least once in his life?
Wank with other males.
Fuck another man in the ass.
Fuck a woman in the ass.
Get fucked by another man in the ass.
Suck another man’s dick.
Get the dick sucked by another man.
Swallow cum.
Get a dildo up the ass by another man.
Get a dildo up the ass by a woman.
Put a dildo up his ass himself.
Have a MMF threesome.
Have a MFF threesome.
Have a MMM threesome.
Have sex with a TS.
Get his ass spanked during sex.
Spank someone during sex.
Get pissed on during sex.
Piss on someone during sex.
Watch a bi porn movie.
Watch a gay porn movie.
Have sex with a hooker.

Question If a swingers vacation was planned would you go?.

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