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August 24, 2011

Want to go dogging with me?

Hi, anyone want to join me in some dogging fun? since its seems it could well be the last month or two of warm weather for us, it would be great to enjoy some outdoor dogging fun whilst we still have the chance, its not so great to be naked outside if its cold ๐Ÿ™‚

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For those of you who don’t know what dogging is, Its where couples go to a known dogging spot and have sex in their car and invite others to watch them having sex, or they let a watcher ‘dogger’ come and join them, some couples like a man to do the game willing wife whilst the husband watches, some like to give a dogger a blowjob through the cars opened window whilst being fucked by their own partner and also let the man fondle and caress the wife’s tits, or maybe finger her pussy whilst she goes down on her own boyfriends or husbands cock, others get out of the car and the woman has both oralsex and penetrative sex, over the car bonnet, or in a grassy area. Many men out looking for dogging couples are often voyeurs and just want to watch an exhibitionist couple in action, and stay hidden or a fair distance away and don’t approach the car and are happy to get a flash of a hot woman’s tits, others openly watch whilst jerking themselves off, others are there hopping to join in with the horny couple and hope to get to touch up the wife and maybe get a blowjob from her, others are up for just joining in and the wife ends up getting a fucking from one man after another whilst sucking on as many cocks too.

I’ve only been dogging a couple of times, well three times, the first time, it wasn’t really dogging, but the same sort of experience a dogging couple would have, it wasn’t planned it happened totally by accident, I was having fun with my boyfriend of the time in his car, I was stripped, nude and was getting my pussy pounded and my large breasts played with when I noticed his naughty college friends had caught us at it and were watching, I was surprised how excited it got me, I didn’t consider stopping or covering up, my body was just trembling with sexual excitement I enjoyed them watching me get screwed and enjoyed sucking my guys tool even more knowing I has an audience, I put on quite a performance ๐Ÿ™‚ It was an eye opener to me I hadn’t realised I had an exhibitionist streak beforehand.

The second time, I went to see what it was all about and just watched the fun, there were quite a few people there and I think there was three couples having fun, I saw one horney busty wife suck off and screw five strange men and her husband was taking photos of her. I thought she was amazing she was in ecstasy, she kept cumming again and again as each guy emptied his load into her she was loving it, dick was being pushed in her pussy and mouth and by the end of it she was covered and absolutely dripping cum. Wow she was fantastic, shamelessly open to everyone and anyone, her body revelling in all the pleasure. I felt like getting out and sit my soaked sweet pussy on her face and ride that greedy mouth, I could tell the dirty slut would have loved it and would have been real good at eating my cunt out and would soon have me gushing over face. This babe was tantalising, just made to fuck. I thought about her getting banged often, still excites me so much now. me and my guy had a the hottest wild frantic quickie as soon as we got home and closed the front door, our orgasms were explosive, and we made love loads of times that night. I’m sure she something neither of us will forget.

The third time was a proper planned ‘lets go out dogging tonight’ thing, a guy I had just been with for a couple of months suggested we should go and frig our brains out at a known dogging spot and give the onlookers there a good show, as he guessed I would really enjoy it, he liked to spoil me and thought it would be a real treat for me and I happily agreed with him.

When we left to drive to a small parking lot we had seen advertised online we were both so sexually aroused it was a real struggle not to just rip each others clothes off and hump each other there and then. Id been tingling with excitement since he had his wonderful dogging idea, through to getting dressed and ready for our ‘dogging event’. I felt amazingly sexy and seductive with arousal as we pulled in and picked a good spot to park, a few cars were already parked there. I saw a couple parked in a car they wasn’t up to anything as yet but she was dressed very sexily, boobs all spilling out so I knew it was just a matter of time.

There was single guys sitting in each of the other cars and I thought I could see a few men in the bushes around the carpark. We was so horny we imediately turned the light on in the car, we were just longing for each other by now, we began kissing and he took my top off and got my big tits out and started sucking on them, which I love, his lips and tongue felt sensational as he teased my erect nipples, I knew I was being watched and I’m agined the guys getting their pricks out to stroke, I could feel my hungry pussy get very wet, I then slipped out of my soaked panties and took of my tight short skirt so I was totally exposed stark naked, “suck my cock” my boyfriend said, just what I wanted to hear ” show them how good you give head babe” Omg this was amazing, so I was bent over my wet dripping pussy pushed against the window my wetness dripping down, I imagine giving a wonderful view. I unzipped and pulled down my mans pants and pulled out his hard beautiful knob and gave him fellatio I started getting so into it, running my tongue up and down his shaft licking his balls teasing the eye, deepthroating him slowly for all to see, he was finding it a real turn, telling me how good it feels, and soon wanted to cum, so he pulled me off got me to sit back in my chair and put my feet on the car screen, legs as wide open as I could get them and he then asked me to finger my pretty pierced and freshly shaved pussy for a little while, “show them your wet cunt, slut” he demanded, I spread my _ pussy wide and fingered my grateful pussy until I was squirting all over my fingers, the onlookers loved this it was very exciting two guys came right up close touching the car, seeing them masturbating their hard fat dicks whilst watching me was really awesome. Then I sat on my boyfriends lap and sat down on his hard pecker, as I rode up and down on his gorgeous thick throbbing cock, tits bouncing facing the screen I could see these 2 guys with such fuckable lickable cocks in hand, wanking ejaculating getting off on us. I did feel like servicing them both. lol, hearing there words off approval and their moans and groans of pleasure, watching their hot jizz shooting all over the window, whilst I loudly came over my guys dick and he pumped a massive load of spunk deep inside me was so exciting and fulfilling. I wanted to offer myself to them all there and then, and understood perfectly at that moment why with so many couples it happens.

It can be both a daring and risky pass time, nudity and having sex in public is illegal, and could be very embarrassing for all involved if you get caught at it. This is why dogging is arranged late in the evening so not many people are out. And then you also have other risks involved in meeting total strangers for sexual fun. Then the obvious, you could catch a sexually transmitted disease. Some couples who advertise on the net do use protection and insist on condoms but there’s many more that do not and let whoever’s there bang their wife’s and girlfriends bareback and let them cum inside them. Naturally the choice of what you want to do is yours. Dogging doesn’t only go on at carparks it also takes place in some woods, forests and even laybys. Its a thrilling sexual activity and for those into exhibitionism and voyeurism, its so sexually exciting for them it can become an addictive pastime.

Well I’m definitely ready for my fourth dogging experience, How about you? Do you want to join me?

August 21, 2011

Really Amazing Sex On The Office Desk

Hello everyone xoxox Hope your all enjoying summer and are having plenty of fun in the sun ๐Ÿ™‚
Thanks to everyone who’s filled in my polls Whats the best sex you can experience? Well not too surprising receiving oralsex is coming up as the majority’s preference so far, but were not too selfish as nearly as many of us love giving oral sex as well, Ohh what a wonderful world!

I also love to suck on cock and eat pussy and love receiving oral sex, and besides my greedy moresome fantasy’s I also get so turned on having exhibitionist or more risky sex, maybe outdoors, or at a place I shouldn’t be having sex, or where we could get caught, even with someone I shouldn’t be having sex with, this really adds to my sexual excitement, to the point of being soo horny I’m trembling with lust and im at a point where there’s nothing I wouldn’t do.. if you asked..

One of the best sexual experiences I’ve had was a combination of these things, Ill tell you about it: I was only 19 years old at the time and took this parttime warehouse job to earn some extra cash during the summer. I had been working there for about four weeks, when I had to come into work on a Saturday to do a stock check with a few work collogues and my supervisor who I guessed was about thirty, I did think he was quite sexy and fairly good looking, we had flirted, but I didn’t think too much of it as I flirt with everyone ๐Ÿ™‚ and I guessed he did too, although I have to admit I’d admired his ass and his bulge and had imagined riding him a few times, anyway he was my boss, married and quite a bit older than me, not my usual type at all. He had only asked less than half of us to come in that day, so I was pissed off with him for including me, and was slightly hung over from Friday night out with the girls and would rather been at home in bed, and was being quite stroppy with him. I didn’t know it was because he had plans for me…

So work started, and he sent everyone off to stock take in different areas, as I stomped off to mine he called me, “Come into my office Jane” I thought ‘Here we go, his going to have a moan at me now, not only does he want me to work my Saturdays he expects me to do it with a spring in my step and a smile on my face too!’ I went into his office, leaving the door open, he said very mater of fact “Shut the door”, As he got out of his chair “Why what you going to do to me?” I said jokingly turning my back on him walking to the door, As I shut it I felt him standing behind me, I felt his hot breath on the back of my neck “I’m going to fuck you” he whispered in my ear, wow! it was amazing, those words, his husky lust filled voice turned me on so much I was so excited I could instantly feel my nipples and cunt tingling, just recalling it now is getting me wet, I hadn’t seen this coming. he pressed his body against my back, I felt his hard dick pressing on my butt as his hands slid up inside my blouse and He started kissing my neck and fondling both of my breasts and nipples, as I was facing the door, I though I was going to cum right then!

I turned around and we began to kiss, as he unbuttoned my blouse and I slid my hand down his body and unzipped his trousers to reveal a lovely, very hard cock. I released his dick from his pants and stated rubbing it, “Get naked” he said, “What if someone comes in?” I asked “If you want to get fucked get your clothes” off he replied. I had never wanted to be screwed so much in my life, I quickly unfastened my bra, his eyes fell and fixed on my big pierced breast as I unbuttoned and slipped out my jeans skirt as fast as I could, now he could see how soaked my panties were, I was slightly embarrassed he could see how much I wanted him and He said “mmm your soaking wet you little slut”. I loved the way he spoke to me, I wriggled out of them slid them down and stepped out of them I had a brief thought of the scenario, me standing their totally naked besides my shoes facing him, him fully clothed, at work, what if someone walks in on us now? It was soon forgotten as his lips found mine and his placed his hand on my wet wanting pussy sticking a finger inside me. He started finger fucking me whilst my hands found his cock and balls. I was gasping with pleasure, as he put a second finger in me and started screwing me. I came within seconds all over his hand, Then I started taking his clothes off him, sucking, licking, kissing, running my hands and mouth over his body. His hands and mouth were now on my breasts and nipples, I was just feeling lost to lust and wanted to taste feel have every part of him. I dropped down on my knees and started stroking, licking, teasing his penis, he had a nice fat cock I was desperate to have it in my mouth, I started sucking on his dick and playing with his balls greedily taking it all in my mouth. He was thrusting and groaning with pleasure, he then told me to stop and lay on my back on his desk.

I quickly lay on the desk, legs spread as wide apart as I could get them my eyes was fixed on his wonderful thick dick, my pussy yearned for it so much “I’ve wanted to taste that pussy for so long now” he said, his words made me gasp, wow, he was taking his time with me, there was six of us in that day, and although the warehouse was large anyone of them could have walked in at anytime, the office door was shut but unlocked. he didn’t seem to even be worried about being caught, this turned me on soo much, he started fingering my pussy again, then started licking me, running his obviously skilled tongue over my clit and inside my pussy working me with his fingers, within a few minutes I was coming again over his face, he smiled knowingly at me, he then started rubbing his knob on my pussy lips teasing me, asking me if I wanted his cock I wanted it so much “Please fuck me” I begged, I didn’t think of even asking him to use a rubber,and I always made my boyfriend wear a condom, he didn’t mention protection, all I was thinking about was having that dick inside my cunt I wanted that fat dick pounding in and out of me. He then slid it inside me thrusting in and out of me, omg this was mind blowing sex, his member felt great the pleasure he was giving me was amazing, the way he was talking to me was perfect, I was feeling such a slut totally naked getting banged like this, we could be caught any minute, I was in heaven!, At first he screwed me at a slow steady pace, his cock was thick and filled my pussy and after about eight thrusts, for the third time I was coming, he held on to my hips and began pounding me faster, deeper, harder, the orgasm was amazing and as I wrapped my legs around his waist and exploded in pleasure, he shooted his load into me.

We didn’t repeat the experience, I only worked there for a few weeks more, we always exchanged naughty tell telling smiles, but we were never in the position to be alone at work again, I enjoyed the fact that he knew what a horny naughty slut I was, I let him do me bareback and cum inside me. It was one of the best sexual experiences Id had especially at that age, so if you get a chance I do recommend having sex in the office, But since then I’ve added quite a few more fantastic sexual experiences to my list since then ๐Ÿ™‚ Hopefully there’s many more to come, and you will be the person who shares that experience with me, Please contact me if your interested,or post and share some of your own great experiences. thanks x

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