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March 7, 2011

Double penetration

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Lets talk about my favorite subject of the moment – double penetration. Have any of you straight guys tried it? Do you even want to try it, or find it a turn on? Or is it just us women who fantasize and lust for it. The reason I’m asking straight guys only, is because I’m guessing a lot of bimen would love the experience, but being in bed with two bisexual guys would be a totally different experience than being with 2 str8 men. Personally I have nothing against having fun with biguys, but for this experience it really has to be straight males, so its just me getting all the cock, greedy i know but hell its my fantasy!, so its about all the cock being in me, I don’t want to share. I am normally generous and have shared a lover or two with other girls, but getting myself doubled dicked is still an unfulfilled fantasy. Its a sexual graving that’s driving me wild, it wont go away, I’m wondering if it will always remain that way, these things are not easily or often organised, they sort of just of mea hot sexy wild horny woman seeking sex fingering my pussy and asshole

When I masturbate I imagine having a hard dick in each hand, as I wank them, being on my knees going from one dick to another sucking them off, I imagine how excited I’d feel having a cock to suck whilst my pussy is pounded then I imagine my lover pulling his cock out of my cunt and sliding it deep up my ass whilst im still sucking on the other guys dick, I fantasize about the ultimate pleasure – double penetration 🙂 I want to feel that cock fill my pussy whilst my asshole gets screwed. I dream about having two cocks inside my pussy at once. I don’t know what would feel the best or even if you could choose a preference, both will be so amazing, I hope to be able to let you know … someday.

I have tried double penetrating myself with dildos, but believe me guys there’s not a vibrator or dildo on earth that comes close to feeling like a dick. Anyway lets get back to me getting dped 🙂 To be honest I know I will cum as soon as I know that the other cock is about to be pushed in my pussy, whilst im being banged in my butt. Im sure to explode as soon as he takes the cock out of my mouth, especially if he tells me his going to fuck my cunt now, ( as well as already cumming several times before 🙂 )

So here I am still in search of two straight guys who will really enjoy sharing my pussy with another cock. I guess that’s where the problem lies for straight guys. Having your cock soo close to another. I’ve just got to try and find some who are horny enough to think it exciting and dirty enough to really enjoy it. if your out there contact me. I would also love to here from anyone who has had the pleasure of experiencing double penetration sex and hearing about your personal experience.

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