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December 22, 2010

Hope you have a hot, wild and horny christmas

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Hi, Happy Xmas Everyone x

Meet me offline and we can have a hot wild and sex filled christmas together

Wow cant believe that 2010 is nearly over, and that Christmas is just a couple of days away, the years gone so fast, and there’s already snow on the ground everywhere! I do love this time of year, all the festive celebrations, shopping for presents and the sexiest party clothes, getting all dressed up, having too much to much to eat and drink and partying. But there’s not much time left to do everything that I had planned or had hopped to do this year. Those double penetration moresome fantasy’s have not been fulfilled, As well as a few, far less important things 🙂 Perhaps I can manage to make those dp fantasy true now the party season is here, (fingers crossed). Or maybe some of my horny blog readers may like to help me out?

Any way I hope you all have a really happy, stress free Christmas and that you get as much sex as possible, as that always a sure way to keep happy. And guys a good way to make sure that happens is to buy your wife/ lady something personal, NOT some kitchen/household appliance .. and before you protest that you’d never do that, i’m only thinking of you in the long run, I know lots of guys are guilty of that ( those are the ones that don’t get any sex at Christmas :-)) hope that’s not you, have a good time x

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