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February 23, 2009


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Hot horny wild woman using large erotic sextoy on her self.

sextoys are such kinky fun. Im not ashamed to say that im a woman who enjoys using them a lot! – At home when on my own as well as with others. Sex-toys used to be considered taboo, but nowadays I think most women and couples use them. Personally I think all adults including men should try them, so if you have never used one before, get yourself high and comfy, imagine your favorite fantasy and try one, go easy, have fun and cum and cum!
I love my sex toys and you can see my playing with sextoys photos. I have many different vibrators and dildos some are vibrating and hard some are soft silicone.  Its hard to choose my favorite sex toy , I love them all lol, well I’ve had some crazy fun with my rabbit vibrator, and then there’s the fun I’ve had in the bath with my wireless waterproof love balls, my butt plugs, anal beads, mustn’t forget my new tongue toy, hmm guess I have been to too many sextoy parties lol,  I think I’m getting a  fetish for them.
Then there’s those toys you use on others, firstly there’s strap ons, I do love using my strap on, there’s bdsm and bondage toys, they are all pleasurable. I think the best dildo to use on a man or woman is made from glass, it looks so good when its inside them. It can be really intimate and erotic when a sex toy is used as a couple on your male or female friend. watching their pleasure as I guide a large realistic penis style vibrator in their vagina or ass using a remote control to intensify the vibrations is so sexy it drives me wild,  then I love to give them a good seeing to with my big leather strapon.
you can use anything as a sexual aid and using fruits and vegetables as sex toys can be so exotic and sensual You can get mechanical and electric toys, I haven’t tried any myself, If anyone has I would love to hear about them and how they felt.  I haven’t tried any really weird or bizarre extreme sex toys, but if any of you more adventurous sextoy users know of any unusual marital aids, or if you make your own or know any homemade sex toys you can recommend, id be more than happy to try them, i could take pics or video and give you an online demonstration. 🙂

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