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August 7, 2008

Back from the sea sand and sex

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Hi everyone sorry I’ve not written for a while, I’ve only just got back from holiday. I had a great time enjoying the sea, sand and great sex (separately and together lol) .. Oh how I wish every day was a holiday! Oiled and tanned half naked guys and girls everywhere .. no wonder everyones feeling so horny.

I remember the first time I went abroad with two girlfriends of mine. On the first day we were laying on the beach sunbathing, admiring and talking about the bare bodies of the guys on the beach, tanned muscular legs, tight cutt butts, so many hot guys out for fun, the conversation dried up lost to our thoughts … all getting turned on looking… imaging.. lusting. 🙂 then the thoughts start going through your head.. so far away from home … full of sexy strangers… no one knows you …whats the chance of meeting anyone here when you get back home?… no one back home knows what your doing, …then …the wonderful realisation … hey i could do whatever i want … whatever I desire …… and get away with it. The thought itsself is soo exciting… and from there on….we did do what we desired… and a lot of things we hadnt desirered before 🙂 … and got away with it !

At home we would of been judged as having no morals….and be labeled that word that all girls dread ‘slut’. but morals are are funny things, i mean of course there’s the things wed never do sexually (just cant think of any at the mo 🙂 ). … but then theres that large list of things you’d love to do, but definitely don’t want anyone to know you would do them .. so don’t just in case it comes out. Of course for boys/ men its different, you want everyone to know of all your sexual exploits. For girls its soo different, having to deal with the public view of girls who have lots of different sexual partners, guys being praised for it, girls being shamed for it, and looked at as ‘bad’ girls, get told often, ‘no man wants to marry a slut’ (liars :-)).

To me – being a slut and doing what you like sexually and with whom you like, is really when you’ve become liberated ..happy….truly free. It doesn’t mean just anyone can have you … it just means all those you fancy, can hehe.

what do you guys think about sluts? I just love the slut in me. …and if any of you are going on holiday soon … ohhh please take slutty me 🙂

Heres a quick flash for you, As I’ve  just took a new set of photos and ill be posting them up for you real soon.

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