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October 3, 2007

The Sexiest Part of the Body

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 woman showing off my hot and sexy body

What’s your favorite parts of a man or womans bodies?
You know, that particular part or parts of a man or woman that you notice or give the once over first?
Are you a breast   leg or butt man? or is it another place on the body that you love and which turns you on most?
and what would be the perfect size or shape of that body part be in your ideal woman, Do you like your women big and beautiful or slim?
Maybe you dont care about the figure and are just a sucker for a pretty face?

And for you women as well as any guys into men, what is one of the first things about a mans body that attract you, do you like the building builder type with a hard body with bulging muscles or do you find skinny men hot, maybe you prefer a cute cuddly guy or a hairy bear type
Or is it more to do with the body language of someone they way they hold themselves that gets you attention?

For me and I guess for most of us, ultimately its the personality that attracts me to a person once we are chatting,
and the more I enjoy someones company the more good looking they seem to me, have you noticed that yourself? I have ended up fancying some guys like crazy before, when I hadnt even noticed them earlier.

Although if I was noticing a man or woman in a bar or night club I do notice a cute ass, and legs or even when I shop especially when their bent over the deep freezer 🙂 yummy! and I defantaly notice a womans breasts, which I like to be at least a handfull.
But when Im with someone and they are nice and naked there are other parts of the human body I love more 🙂
I’ve also got a thing about mouths and lips. I find them so very sexy, its nothing to do with having the perfect smile or teeth, its to do with the way the lips curve and the expressions made with them, especially during orgasm 🙂

What works for you? It will be interesting to see if guys are very varied, as most guys that chat me up, talk to my tits, so thats the body part, I am betting on being a favorite for the guys, but maybe I’m wrong.
Please reply and tell me, I then know what bit to work on and show off more often 🙂

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