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September 11, 2007

Foot fetish

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I get a lot of emails from guys who have a footfetish asking if I can post some pics of my feet, so as I aim to please Ive posted a Foot fetish picture gallery for you. Are you a Foot lover? Do love sucking and licking the soles of cute women’s bare feet or toes or even worship sexy female feet? If your into foot action then this foot fetish gallery is for you SO …. start worshiping NOW! 🙂

womans sexy foot with painted toe nails and pretty rose tattoo

I do look after and pay a fair amount of attention to my feet and always paint my toe nails and often wear a toe ring and ankle chain, and diffent tempary tattoos and stick on jewles to make them look pretty. I wear a size 5 shoe have long toes and the soles of my feet are very ticklish.

Ive never been with a man or lady really into feet but I have given a footjob or two 🙂 and I do love a foot massage and have had a boy friend suck my toes and lick my feet, and it does feel real good, its an amazing feeling very peasurable and arousing, BUT eventually I want you to move up my legs and get to my pussy 🙂 I guess if youve got a feetfetish you would rather stay down there and cum on me feet? I admit I have thought about how it would be mindblowing having someone suck your toes whilst getting a good fucking (If I could keep them still enough) well – in fantasy it works lol

Im very interested in peoples fetishes and curious to understand them. what is it about feet that turns you on? Do you like to see a girl barefoot or in nylons and pantie hose the best? Do they have to be a particular size? Do you like them big or small? Is it the look of a girls foot or do you enjoy the odor of sweaty feet, like them sweet smelling with beautiful painted toe nails or dirty and smelly? what really arouses you? is it kissing, sniffing, tickling or the touch of her foot against your cock? or is it about male domination for you and your fetish is about being a foot slave for a hot dominating superior woman? What ever it is, I hope you rate my feet photo gallery As they are especailly for you.

Do you have fetish? If so Id love you to tell me about it. maybe ill post some photos for you or I might be willing to meet with you and try them out x

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