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July 25, 2007

anal fun with toys

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Anal fun with toys
Its great to hear from my anal bead post that many of you are enjoing anal fun and toys, and giving it to your wife and yourselfs 🙂 I love your comments, and your tips and youve now got me wanting to try a vibating but plug and i really like the sound of those balls that get bigger and bigger. I want some!

I think theres still quite a taboo about anal sex and stimulation in straight males and females,lots of women think their mans gay if he wants it, lots of straight men think its a gay act, so dont want to try it on their woman let alone them selves. I think its another amazing part of your and your lovers bodies and its crazy if theres a part of your body that gives you pleasure – to leave it untouched. Explore experiment with your self and your partner, cos theres a lot of pleasure to be found up both a guy or a girls ass.

and as you said youd like to see my analbead pics … heres me enjoying myself in my anal bead gallery.

oh to the coment about “needing toys” No enjoying toys doesnt mean your crap and your cocks redundant,( erm though it doesnt mean your not crap either) Nooo seriously no one is crap its all about having FUN about experiencing different sensations, and its also visually exciting to your partner and variety adds spice to everyones sexlife…NOTHING feels better anally to me than having a hard cock shooting a big fat load of cum in your ass.

But If your a couple wanting to try anal penetration it can be painful if your girl is not relaxed and turned on so for her first time dont go be rough and alway use lubricant for penetration as it can be all totally painless and pure pleasure and guaranteed to leave her wanting more! Maybe your anal virgin wive or girlfriend has some hang ups about it, might be an idea to watch a porn video together so she can see other girls enjoying anal fucking without pain and open her mind to the realisation its a normal sexual activity. I think you should ease into it start with anal play first licking and fingering,insert a well oiled finger in her ass when she is about to have an orgasm and while penetrating her cunt deep with your cock, slowly introduce her to the wonderful sensations and guide her gently on her way to being a anal whore and then…. tell me all about it 😉
let me know if you like the photo album and tell me what other photos you would like me to post
hope you enjoy my photos speak to you soon xxx.

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