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March 31, 2007

make your sex fantasy’s reality

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fantasy pussy

Lets talk about sex fantasies – Those deep sexual desires that all men and women have, those wonderful sexual scenarios our imagination congers up. – After all it was my own fantasy’s that prompted me to make this website – my need to want to fulfil a few of my own.

most of us keep our fantasys secret and are happy keeping it that way, and use them during  Masturbation, or maybe when your having sex to help you cum, and probably wouldn’t go that step further and make them reality, then there’s those of you who have thought about exploring and living out your fantasy but don’t know how to make them happen, then there’s some of us – well me :-), who want to throw caution to the wind and set about fulfilling a few.

I’ve read that fantasies’ represent things we wish for, but do not necessarily want to experience in our everyday have to admit most of my fantasies I would wish to experience, but maybe there’s one or two ill keep private ….. for now anyway 🙂

Most of mine I’ve seemed to have forever and have imagined so many times, other new ones get prompted from when I’ve read an erotic story or see hardcore sex pictures or from scenes I’ve seen in adult porn movies if I see or hear something that turns me on, from there after keeps popping up in my mind….and the seed grows 🙂

I have many different types of fantasies. some involving just one man and myself or one lesbian woman for gay sex, many involve groups of between 7 and 10 and being at a wild sex party, or adult theatre, some are very sensual, while others are rough and risky, some involve bondage and me being submissive, whilst others are more of a power game with me in a dominant role and using a man, woman or husband and wife couple as my sex slave, sometimes I fantasise about surprising a date by pulling over to pick up a prostitute off the side walk on our way home one night and pay her to give us both oral sex in the back of the car, and well the list goes on, but I’ve never had a fantasy involving a celebrity although that’s supposed to be a common fantasy, mine are all about the sex .

I’m interested to know if others are like me or are yours more about the type of male or female, maybe a teacher, nurse, the woman at the office or your favourite actor or actress play a big part in your fantazies?

ill share one of mine with you. This ones got me off SO many times its my dream of having all my holes filled at once – although I rarely get to the end before I’ve cum, I’m normally on the brink as soon as the cocks come into the picture lol, I imagine id be the same if I got to live out this fantasy.

when I’m playing with my self as I’m masturbating I fantasize there’s 3 men sitting opposite me, watching me as I spread my legs wide apart to give them a great view of my dripping wet pussy, besides wearing some sexy black stockings and suspenders and high heels, I’m totally naked, my cunt tingling, nipples erect and feeling flushed and hot with excitement .. looking at them so they can see in my face the pleasure I’m feeling moaning I continue fingering my pussy and rubbing my clit, obviously they are getting very aroused and encourage and urge me on ‘you wanna see me make myself cum’ i tease … ‘show me your dicks’ they oblige and quickly get undressed and sit back down with their lovely hard dicks out for me to see they each start stroking their dick, with all their eyes on me and mine on them watching them slowly wanking their cocks, I orgasm immediately, as I continue to play with myself ,the incredible site of three nude men with hardons makes my whole body tremble with excitement and the urge to suck and touch their cock becomes too much to bare. I go over to to the guy in the middle and pull him to his feet and get on my knees in front of him and take his prick in my mouth and start sucking greedily. the other two guys come over and I can feel their hands and mouths caressing licking sucking me all over my body as I take it in turns sucking one cock after the after, while giving a hand job to the other two. after a while the overwhelming ultimate desire to feel all three dicks inside me for the first time takes over and I push one of the men back into the chair I go to sit on his lap, my back to him, with my legs astride his I slowly lower my self so his cock enters my ass holding and spreading my buttocks apart to guide his penis deep inside my ass as I ride up and down feeling every inch of his cock the other guys are playing with my breasts then one gets on the chair next to us and puts his cock into my mouth whilst still fondling my breasts and nipples with his other hands. I’m sucking one throbbing cock, and taking another up my ass, my pussy is just begging to be fucked the third guy slips a finger then two in my wet vagina just when I think I nothing can feel more pleasurable than this he then kneels in front of me and licks my clit whist the other cock pounds my ass and in my mouth, mind and body lost in ecstasy ,he then gets on top of me rubbing the tip of his knob teasingly on and around my pussy hole my body arching in response wanting him inside me so much, desperate to feel his cock in my pussy he slowly inserts his tool inside me and finally fills my last empty hole.

omg it drives me wild with excitement ill have to sort myself out now

so what are your fantasys?

would you turn your fantasies into reality ?

would you be willing to help me fulfil this fantasy?

If you tell me your fantasy’s and they turn me on, I am willing to meet you and help you make it happen..

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