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February 13, 2007

The flavor of love – how you say I love you to your woman or man

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Its valentines day tomorrow – the day of love and romance – for those who have found their soul mate to celebrate their love – then that leaves the rest of us 🙂

Mind you if your single it is a good day to make a move on that girl or guy you fancy let them know they have a secret admirer. If you are part of a couple how will you show that special someone how much you care will you write a love letter , poem or quote a lyric from a love song, story or from a poetry book. Maybe shower her with flowers or take her on a romantic date? Send a cute card or gift? Set up a sensual scene in the bed room get out the oils and give your lover an erotic body rub?
Or are you one of those people who lets the day go by every year doing nothing for your other half? 🙄
Although you should wanna and be feeling it from the heart its a good idea to remember – a simple display of love and affection can actually add some flavor and get you the best dirty sex to night 😉 well its true!
seriously though those of you in a relationship or a marriage I hope you dont forget your wife or girlfriend, wouldnt you hate making them feel unloved and see that sad look on their face? from a female point of view – it only spells trouble 4 you! you may have a real rocky ride ahead!when if youd been wise you could have been having wild hot intimate passionate sex.
I think everybody married should be finding the time to show your love their appreciated. Ladies dont just leave it to the men to do all the running dont be shy do something and make sure you give your husband or boyfriend a sexy valentine treat and bring some pure joy to ya boy!
To us girls its one day romance does mater and we never forget our partners, but in my opnion the average male isnt very romantic So there may be a few disapointed ladys.
Do you think that fair to say? or am i wrong? what will you do to bring happiness and make your woman or man feel like the true love of your life?
Have you ever made a big romantic gesture to your loved one? or in what way has someone made you feel special on valentines day?
now none of you are going to forget
I hope you all have a very happy valentines day

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