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January 2, 2007

Happy new year

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well another new year is here,guess that means i should make one or two new years resolutions 🙄 that normally means in gonna feel like a failure by….. well lets face it .. tonight :(, not the best start to 2007.So as i dont wanna feel bad, what will it be if im to be sucsessfull? … ummmm diet?….. but there is all those festive goodies left over saying ‘eat me’ ? …. how about stopping smoking or drinking alcohol?….. Nooo doomed to fail…..Did i really consider that for a minuite 😮 … how about give up being wild and reckless? ….impossible! lol ….exercise? Yep that it,i’ve decided that more exercise is the answer – sexual exercise – PERFECT! 😀

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so what have u all decided for your resolution ?.

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