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January 1, 2016

Happy New Year Everyone

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Happy New Year Everyone

Hi, Happy New Year Everyone, Hope You Have A Healthy And Happy Year
You Never Know ( my fingers are crossed :-) ) It Could Be The Year We All Make Our Sex Fantasy’s Reality
Hopefully The Year We Start Getting to know each other A LOT Better.
May Even Be The Year You Decide To Meet Me For No Strings Sex And Even Make My Own Double Penetration Fantasy Cum True
Did You Have A Great Time Seeing The New Year In?, I Would Love To Hear About What You Was Doing When The New Year Started.
I Was Quite Drunk Last Night, Didn’t Get To Sleep Until 5am, And Have Needed The Entire Day To Recover. That’s Why I’m Posting So Late In The Day And Will Be Keeping This Post Short And Tell You All About It Later, Just Didn’t Want The Day To Go By Without Wishing You The Best Year Ever, And To Thank You For Visiting My Site.
Speak To You ALL Soon xx

May 5, 2015


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Hi, now the weather is getting warm I was thinking its just the right time to indulge myself and you of course, (can’t do it on my own) in my biggest turn on, which is exhibitionism, its now a great time for getting naked outdoors, having some amazing sex and with the bonus /excitement of being caught, or better still being watched. I don’t know why being watched gets me so excited but it really does, Which I found out The first time I was watched having sex nothing could be better well mmm maybe two guys fucking me whilst another watched :-) There I go being cock greedy again! lol Flashing in public is fun and does give me more than a little thrill, but getting nude and having sex in public place is just an amazing turn-on..
I am not saying I have to be watched screwing to enjoy it, I don’t, to be truthfull the best sex I have had has been indoors as the sex can be so much more erotic, I just cum ridiculously quicker when being watched having sex outside (if I was a guy it would be described as embarrassing quick, now you understand :-) ) but luckily for me, us women don’t have to worry about that and .. Hey!.. I’m all ready and raring to go for orgasm number two. :-)
Would you meet me, get back to nature for some wild fun outside? Please answer to this post if you would like to meet me. Here – I will add a little pic to the post, To show you what needs filling :-) hot sexy wild woman seeking sex in public Obviously I mean a meet at night time, and in a rather secluded outdoor pace to make sure its adult eyes only watching. Does that appeal to you?

Is there anyone else who also gets off on exhibition? I love to hear from all you exhibitionists, what public nudity experiences have you had? I was wondering how popular exhibitionism is in men, a lot of guys I know if asked ‘want to meet me in the supermarket car park tonight and fuck me’ would say, hell yes! ( because being a typical man, they would never turn down the offer of having sex) :-) or maybe that’s just the men I know lol, The sex I have had outdoors has just happened in the heat of the moment, A mans never suggested doing it outside to me. A few have been into dogging but that was it being more of a moresome thing for them. So does the actual act of having sex outside in a risky place where you could be seen actually ‘heighten their sexual arousal’ like it does for me? I really don’t know. Is it more a female fetish? I know a couple of my female friends do really get turned on when being watched, feedback on this would be very appreciated I am very interested to know.
Thanks love Jane x
PS. Don’t forget you can see all My Picture Gallery’s Here
And to post a comment if you want to hook-up with me

December 31, 2014

Hope That 2015 Will Be A Happy Year For You All

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Hi Everyone, Just wanted to wish all my blog visitors a very happy new year, hope that 2015 brings you all good health , happiness and most of all some or better still LOTS of great sex :-) ( to ensure the great sex happens for you, you can always arrange a meet with me :-) ) I’m always ready for some. lol



If you feel like you may want to meet up for sex with me, and want to know more about me, please check out all my naughty adult pictures here and you can read all about me and my sexual experiences and desires here

December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas Everyone

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Want to fill my pussy this christmas?

hot and wild horny Christmas


May 16, 2014

wanting guys to pound my pussy and ass

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Hi all ,So damn horny today, so i thought i would post a little picture of my wet pussy and tight asshole…just to remind you whats on offer :-) maybe you can help a hot horny wild woman in need?
bent over showing naked pussy and ass wanting to be fucked

Both my tight horny holes are so gagging to fill a hard cock inside them! sometimes masturbation just wont do!

i’m looking for no strings no holes barred fun are you up for it?

Need to see more ? you can see all my free naughty adult photo galleries here, and some clips of me masturbating my wet pierced pussy here,

basically i need a fuck , do you?

December 30, 2013

Happy 2014 hope it is a great year for you all

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Happy 2014 hope it is a great year for you all

And that you have fun celebrating on new years eve tomorrow, And I also hope it is the year that you decide to meet me for sex, No strings attached, How about it? I will make sure you have a very pleasurable time and that you will be wanting to meet me again for more ;-), Check out all my photos, read my posts see my movie clips and my bio and if you want to fill my pussy and or ass with your cock, Let me know, I’m lusting for cock.. and I’m so ready to ride you. 😀 …Try me…x

December 18, 2013

Heres a couple of my masturbation movie clips, Hope you like them


Hope everyone has a great Christmas and that you get to spend it having fun with your family and friends and having orgasms with your lover and don’t forget if you haven’t got a lover, this pussy is available for a good stuffing this Christmas.
Want to fill my pussy this Christmas?

And for those who wont be getting anything in their stocking this year, why not enjoy these movie clips My little christmas present to you:-) of me in stockings, showing you how to enjoy your self if you do find yourself alone this holiday season :-)
sexy woman masturbating movie clip 1

sexy woman masturbating movie clip 2

Do You Fancy Stuffing Me?

June 7, 2013

Want to come on over to my place?

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Want To Cum At My Place? 😉

Hi everyone, Thanks for all your comments you have been posting about my blog and my photos , Very nice of you, especially as I have been busy recently as I have been moving house, and have not had the time to post or respond to you. I have read and now replied to all comments that had been posted in my absence, I hope you will forgive me for the time it has taken me and still check out my reply’s to each one of you.
I also hope I haven’t missed out on any opportunities of meeting up with some of you for some great hot and dirty sex as there was some great offers of what sounded like could result in some amazing sex sessions, and of a mixed variety. Very exciting. Heres a couple of pics to help you remember whats on offer lol

naked full frontal picture of a hot sexy wild horny woman who meets for sex no strings attached                               photo of a naked hot sexy wild horny woman showing off her ass wanting to be filled with cocks

And I’m still yet to ‘christen the bed’ in my new home with some hot sweaty naughty sex, and then there’s all the other rooms I am yet to have sex in, my aim is to get laid in every room, have a wonderful memory of getting fucked in all rooms make it really feel like my home :-) rejoice in the pleasure I get in meeting guys just for sex, to indulge and enjoy in the pure lust, pleasure of it. Sorry the kitchen has already had the memory made, now, every time I look at my work service I will remember with a smile, and a tingle of excitement of when my juicy wet pussy sat on it while being pounded and filled with cum I love having my pussy screwed this way, It feels so good when a guys thrusting in and out of my cunt while his standing up, I’m pushed back on a service top with my legs wrapped round his bare ass, pulling him right in close with his rhythmic thrusting motions, him really ramming his cock in and out of my pussy hands clutching hard on my ass cheeks, I feel his nails digging into my skin, pulling me back and forth with his every thrust, bringing me to an amazing orgasm as I felt him ejaculating a massive load of cum, losing myself to the wonderful sensation of his cream pumping inside of me.. Amazing, frantic sex.
what room would you like to give into your desires with me in? maybe you’d like to take me out in the back garden, we could end up naked entwined, writhing with passion under the moon light in the middle of the lawn or maybe you could take me from behind over the patio table? There’s so many options, Its pretty hidden from view except from one neighbour ( a couple in their sixties) a little risky, (For them I mean, the shock, they could find out a’slut’ has moved in next door ;-), well I won’t be able to hide it for ever! … and after all the work I have had to have done they must of thought all the banging was over. 😉 Anyone want to be the first to have sex with me in a room …. or two? :-)

February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day

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Happy Valentines Day To All You Loved-Up People.

And for those who don’t have a lover to spend today with …..
I thought I would share my heart with you :-)

hot sexy wild horny woman showing off her pierced vagina

If you are one of those who doesn’t have a valentine, don’t be miserable or sad just get some pleasure another way and treat yourself to a masturbation day, I think thats a great idea, After all a little self help goes a long way to having a pleasurable day 😉

What do you think of my pierced pussy pic?, Do you love it, or hate it?
I love the look of erotic body peircings’ I like pierced nipple’s on both men and women, especially nipple rings, visually it is a turn on for me, but then any naked body seems to be a visual turn on for me lol. I love how pierced labia’s and clits look, Obviously :-) I wouldn’t have my own pierced if I didn’t, but I haven’t been sexually intimate with a woman with piercing’s… yet, ( any eroticly pierced women want to be my first? ),I haven’t been with a man or woman who hasn’t acted pleasantly surprised with my pierced nipple and pierced pussy lips have always said they love it. Thinking about body piercings has made me remember this guy i fucked who had a prince Albert piercing, Felt very good but my pussy was very swollen and sore afterwards, or was that due to the many wonderful hours of sex we had? lol… I think it was :-), Which ever it was so worth it. He defiantly made it in my record books :-) (No I don’t really keep records,lol ) he was a truly fantastic fuck, The moment I feasted my eyes on his beautiful fat hard cock, and I saw this massive really thick ring standing proud sticking out of the tip of his penis head, I knew he was a going to be a horny beast and that I was going to be in for a really hot fucking. 😀 The first session lasted for hours and I lost count of how very many times I had his cock thrusting in and out of my pussy, ass and mouth. After we finally collapsed into sleep, I woke still wrapped in his arms, and to my delight found he hadn’t nearly finished with me yet. cum was oozing out of me for days! what a great memory / lay he was… Havent though about him for a while, would be a good experience to recall when I masturbate
next, And as the memory is now being re-played in my head, I think that time will be very soon lol.

Hope you lovers out there make some great memories in the bedroom tonight
And that some of you contact me to have some sexual fun together some night soon, Take care x

January 10, 2013

Want To Join Me For Lots Of Great Hot Dirty Sex?

Hi everyone, happy 2013, Hope you will have a happy and healthy year. Personally, I think we should make 2013 the year for us to enjoy lots of hot great dirty sex… together :-)

Do you think its a good idea?.

Heres a couple of pics to hopefully make you decide TO meet me. x

men, women and couples I want to hear from you!.

September 25, 2012


hi I’m seeking some men who would love me to give them a blowjob

Want a big tit horny blonde woman sucking on your cock? need a nsa blow job? look no further here I am :-)
I love oral sex, to give head and gobble on a hard knob, take a cock deep down my throat, pumping your cock as I suck and lick from the tip to the end the whole shaft, licking sucking your balls and rim your anus too. I love giving real sloppy wet blowjobs and deepthroating too, not into extreme gagging and brutal rough blowjobs but love swallowing and drinking all your cum and getting a messy cum facial. I’ve been told I have blow job lips, your have to try them and get sucked off and see if you agree :-) please reply to me here on this post if interested, or / and please take part in my blowjob polls below, Thank you… or maybe you think you know how to give the best blowjob ever, if so please do be the teacher, give us some blowjob lessons and tell us how its done : )
I always believe even if we think we know it all, there’s always something new we could learn.

I gave a nice guy a blow job in public the other night, we were walking down this back street behind the night club we had been at I was a little drunk, and we were on the way back to his car to make our way to a party, and I ended up giving him a blowjob right then and there in the street.

We were flirting and the conversation was getting really hot and sexy, and we stopped for a kiss and as we were kissing, and holding each other close, our bodies pressed together, we both started getting very aroused, I could feel my cunt getting really wet and tingling as I felt his cock pressing against me, it felt as hard as rock, eager to feel his manhood I found my hand on his crotch and hurriedly unzipped his fly’s and pulled his dick out and started stroking it, the feel of his hot dick in my hand instantly got my pussy juices flowing even more, I felt totally turned on. he had a real big hard uncut cock it was both long and thick you’ve got a huge cock I gasped, he pulled me tightly against him and kissed me deeper, then in my ear he whispered those magic words ‘please blow me’, I didn’t need asking twice, I love going down on a guy.

I was immediately on my knees enthusiastically focused , lost on his beautiful cock, not caring if I got caught giving him a blowjob, paying attention to his whole length, stroking wanking him as I started running my tongue along the underside of the penis, flicking it across his knob as I grasped my lips round the tip of his dick slowly taking it in my mouth using my tongue,lips hand to pleasure him, the slurping sounds as he thrust his cock in and out of my mouth, the slapping of his balls against my chin, his horny urgent voice full of desire between his moans and groans “Oh yes baby”, “suck my dick”, “suck me hard “,”suck it bitch”, was adding to my sexual excitement, the large size of his cock ramming down my throat made me gag a little, he was soon moaning loudly, he began thrusting his hips fucking my mouth even harder, faster, I could feel his awesome member pulsating in my mouth as I gently cupped his balls excited I got ready for his load to fill my mouth, looking up into his face, looking into his eyes, watching his expression and pleasure as he shot his hot cream with such force into my mouth, swallowing as he pumped and filled my mouth. It was wonderful :-)

I admit it wasn’t the my first time sucking cock outdoor in public, but the buzz felt the same as if it had of been and he defiantly had the biggest cock I’ve ever had in my mouth, was a real mouthful, but I could handle it :-)

we eventually arrived at the party, and too late I realised that some of his cum must of spilled down the front of my slinky black dress, great I’d been rumbled they realised I had stopped for some cocksucking on the way :-) everyone kept noticing the cum stain , the white colour of the sperm didn’t make it easy to explain away and everyone was either giving me a nod and a wink or a look of utter disgust lol, I didn’t know what was worse, and then it didn’t want to wash off my ‘dry clean only dress’ either, so it was there to stay !. the guy I was with thought it was very amusing but I forgive him, only because he took me to the bathroom to thank me properly for the blow job, Oh, and to stain a few more of my clothes :-) at least they were ‘under’ clothes I love being a blowjob loving slut

was a real good night!, I wont be throwing his phone number away :-)

Please take part in my Blow-job polls and or post to me here, or post your own bj experiences or any blowjob stories you may have

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Guys....after your woman swallows your load do you.

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When you give a guy a blowjob, do you

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When getting a blowjob, how important to you is it to be deepthroated to the balls?

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Have you ever had a blowjob while driving your car?

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Can you suck your own dick?

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June 30, 2012

sucking and screwing on saturday night

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Hi how all you horny men and women doing?. I’m all hot and flustered Its been really hot and sticky here today,( unfortunately that’s only down to the weather :-) what is it about hot weather that makes you feel even more horny than normal? I’ve been feeling hot, restless and horny all day. I’ve just put my dildo in the fridge to masturbate later :-) Im being serious
To cool this hot pussy down!

Ive got lots of boring work that needs to be done but I cant stop day dreaming about some great sex i had with an ex of mine, after bumping into him at an otherwise very boring party Friday night and when I have had some good sex, it doesn’t keep me satisfied for long, it makes me greedy and I just yearn for more, It was quite a fast and furious passionate lust filled fuck, It was lovely to unexpectedly be going home with a swollen pussy, sore ass and my panties full of cum So was thinking about what I’ve got coming up to get excited about and realised I’ve got nothing planned for this Saturday night, just a week away, would be perfect to meet some nice horny stranger from the Internet and have sex outside, wind blowing on our hot entwined bodies, or in fact a good opportunity to meet someone new and grt it on, anywhere, lol, don’t you think so? well, I thought it was a great idea, and that I had better get posting right away. See if anyone’s available.
Here’s a closer look of my juicy wet pussy …. Just to tempt you… Is it working, Do you want to push your cock up deep inside me?

please post to me here if you can do this Saturday night, Ill promise I’ll get your rocks off :-) I know I have a few conversations going on on other blog posts with some of you, which I will continue but if you can make This weekend will you post here, instead of there (it will help me find you quicker so we can arrange something, Thanks, Of course you can post here to meet me another time too. (Please do) I think I will go and take a shower,take my dildo with me, come back smile on my face, contented (for a while), and stressed free and hope I get some replys to look at on this post really soon.

March 27, 2012

My pussy is still wet and ready for taking cock

Hi guys just wanted to apologise to those who have visited the blog and its been down, have to say sorry to you who have posted comments over the last couple of weeks if they haven’t shown up here on the blog, or was showing and now they have disappeared. Ive had problems and have lost some posts, some pictures and some recent comments are lost, I couldn’t get them back, Buy its all fixed now, so please continue to post to me. AND more importantly contact me to hook up with me for some no strings fun, Gotta let you know, My pussy is still wet and ready for taking cock As you can see in these pussy shots:-) All my sweet soaking pussy wants is cock and cum, cant you give yours to me? please! Contact me if you will really meet me, I can / will be discreet, we don’t have to film or photograph our naked fun and I wont write about you here, unless you have told me you would want me to.x

February 12, 2012

Photos Of How I Masturbate And Tempt A Guy I’ve Just Met Into Sex

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Photos Of How I Masturbate And Tempt A Guy I’ve Just Met Into Sex

Hi everyone, :-) I see that days going to be here again in a few days.. already! So Happy Valentines Day Every One, Hope you couples out there have a wonderful romantic loved up day, and don’t forget to make each other feel special. Personally I love being a single and free woman and finding love isn’t for me, but I know this a hard day for some of you single men and women out there who want to be in love, or who have a broken heart and the thought of no flowers or valentines cards does disappoint you. I thought I would post some new photos and tell you a true little lust story, to cheer up those of you feeling unloved, forget about love, lets celebrate lust :-) Also of course for those who just want to see some real dirty pictures and do what I love do.. masturbate and get your self off.

See the Pics Of How I Masturbate And Tempt A Guy I’ve Just Met Into Sex

How I Masturbate And Tempt A Guy I've Just Met Into Sex

The photographs are of me in my very sexy black and red lingerie, that feels very silky to the touch, I was also wearing my silk Stockings to match. and it happened to turn out to be a very pleasurable night indeed, I ended up getting my pussy and mouth fucked. I didn’t set up my cam or camera for these photos, This took place about eight months ago. I’ve been talking to a guy online who had contacted me a couple of times in the past few months telling me his an amateur photographer and voyeuristic and that he would love to meet and ‘just’ take photos of me, which I must admit did offended me slightly especially as seeing’s as I had flirted with him and told him that I was a hot sexy wild horny woman seeking a man for sex, which he was already aware of as he had seen my web site. so as I can quite easily set up my webcam or video camera to take pics of my self or get close friends to take them I have always turned down his offer previously, well he didn’t want to fuck me! how dare he? :-) I had practically offered myself to him on a plate. But as after chatting with him for a while one night, I found him easy to talk to and funny and I had second thoughts about him, hell!, let him takes some photos of me, and if I want him I know I can get him to screw me. And that’s exactly what happened.

As I was posing and getting myself off for these pics, I had his dick, hands, mouth and what I would be doing to them, on my mind, and although he may not have known it yet, I knew id be riding his cock later that night.and as it turned out I didn’t need to use much of my seducing skills on him (Not mentioning any names, I know you were wondering if id ever write about our experience and if your reading this I must say, “Only interested in being a voyeur and taking pics”? … Really? :-) )

To get to the point, I was dressed in my sexy black and red teddy and stockings, and we had just finished our second glass of wine when I led him into my bedroom I laid on the bed and he stood in front of me still just looking at me. I had put a few different dildos and vibrators on my bedside table to use that night I picked up a dido and started playing with it, hoping to be teasing him, I licked my lips slowly and suggestively at him and began rubbing the whole length of the dildo, then started licking, sucking,nibbling on it whilst I started straight at him and he quickly picked up the camera and started photographing me, I slowly stroked my soft heavy Breasts
and circled my nipples with the tip of the dildo making them instantly erect, I then titty fucked my self a little with the dildo, I could see he was already hard by the bulge in his jeans, which I found even more arousing and encouraging. I was feeling really horny, I squatted over the inviting toy my cunt lips spread open for the penis to penetrate me and slowly sat down, and rhythmically lifted myself up and down, slowly taking its entire length up my juicey hungry snatch. I could see this was getting him all hot and bothered which both pleased me and excited me further. Wanting to move things along and start enjoying his cock. I bent over to give him an inviting view of my Butt, gasping as I pushed my Sextoy inside my self, enjoying the sensations and feeling my self getting wetter and wetter, I then laid on my back so I could look at him with my legs spread wide open, Pussy juice dripping out of my vulva, I slowly inserted the dildo, my eyes staring at him through the lens full of lust, gasping with the undeniable waves of pleasure going through my body, It was at that moment he put the camera down onto the bed at last.

my whole body was now full of desire desire as I watched him unzipped his jeans and quickly kick his shoes off and got undressed I smiled knowingly at him, I knew he wouldn’t be able to resist that soaked horny cunt, he pulled the soaked slippery dildo out of me and slid his warm fat fingers inside my pussy, he was bent over really close watching his fingers slide in and out, I could feel his hot breath on my thighs on my inner legs, I was getting so excited with anticipation, my pussy was soaked now, and I longed to feel his tongue. I felt like grabbing hold of his head and pulling his mouth onto my pussy, I was honestly just about to give in to the urge and force his mouth between my legs, when he finally buried his face in my soaking wet vagina I arched my back and moaned with delight his tongue and lips and fingers working on my citreous and vulva I was soon having a massive orgasm gushing all over his face, he carried on licking me and as I reached for his dick I ran my hands over the entire shaft, squeezing his balls gently, his fingers still probing my hole. I just couldn’t wait to get his pecker in my mouth. I want to taste your cock I pleaded he didn’t need asking twice he quickly stood up and I went on my knees as he thin slid his hard member into my mouth and started to pump in and out of my throat. It felt so good, filling up my mouth, I was enjoying every inch of his raging hard on, when he suddenly pulled out resisting his urge to come and bent me over on all fours with my ass facing. He positioned his knob at the opening of my hole just rubbing against it, teasing me, oh I wanted that cock inside me. He needed it to and suddenly he franticly sunk his penis deep up my crack pounding me with long hard strokes,he was ramming his nice hard dick deep into me, it was so good I know my pussy was twitching and I was about to cum, I was lifting my hips to meet his urgent thrusts, he let out a huge gasp of pleasure,and my whole body shook as I orgasmed, as I felt his cock pulsate and fill me with his cream. We lay there and chatted for a while and he asked if could photograph me again sometime.. (lol)

After he had left my pussy was so sore after all that masturbation and cock pounding but its a nice feeling having a pussy that’s been well and truly screwed and i did sleep well that night. :-)

It was a good time, but guys remember you don’t have to play hard to-get, I know lots of you guys enjoy the chase, but I (and the majority of my women friends) like a man to be direct, as knowing someone wants to fuck you and are on there way to do just that, is really the best aphrodisiac there is.
What are your views on that? love to hear them
Anyway have a great day, and post to me if you want to meet me for sex. x

January 19, 2012

meeting for new sex adventures

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Meeting for new wild sex adventures

Hey hows everyone been? now its a new year are you ready to for some hot new sex adventures? I love the begining of the year, its a great time for getting together and planning a year filled with sex. Im home and free this weekend, I havent got any plans or comitments, It would be a great time to get it on together. Anyone avaliable?
hot sexy wild horny woman looking for men women and couples for wild sex adventures this weekend

Most of you know me now, and what im into and looking for in a sex meet, Those of you who may be new here, I will give you a little info here, for much more you can read all about me and you can also learn lots more about my sex exploits by reading all my previous blog posts and see my nude pics and read the wild sexy stories ive written about my true real life sex exploits and the posts dedicated to my favorite sex fantasy’s. I’m into having sex with horny mature old and young men and women, and couples if the your female partners bisexual, and with small groups into the swingers lifestyleI am really into hardcore sex I love nothing better than having anal. I love the feel of a hard cock pounding my butthole and I like using sex toy’s vaginaly and anally too , masturbation is a big hobby of mine :-) . You can see all my amateur adult picture gallery’s here I am very openminded and can be quite kinky and im very interested and intrigued by other peoples fetishes, both the comman and the bizarre and enjoy trying them out, helping them develop and explore their secret fetish fantasies, you dont know if your like it untill you try it, so im always game to try new sexual things. I have tried bondage and spanking, recieving and giving and have had some amazing sex. I believe in using your mouth and tounge on the entire body I love oral sex sucking cock and eating pussy,rimming having my own ass rimed, and I love licking a girls and gus ass, I know how it feels so good, I fantase about double penetration and group sex orgy, which I keep mentioning to you all so it may happen for real, lol, (got to life in hope) I enjoy hard and rough and extreme sex as well as soft and gentle erotic sex and always lots and lots of kissing. Are you interesred? Would you fuck me? lets chat. Come on, live on the wild side, you might have the greatest sex experience, what you got to loose except for you cum? :-) ,

December 31, 2011

Have a good one!

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Happy New Year Everone!

Hi every one. Hope you all have a great new year and a wonderful night tonight seeing the old year out and the new year in. Just wanted to wish you all the best for 2012, and thank you for visiting my site and to those who post to my blog this year.
I hope you all enjoyed christmas. And when the festive celebrations are all over, lets get back to the real important thing in life – meeting up with each other for no strings sex :-)

Sorry this is a short post, but it is new years eve and I must get in the shower and then get my self all made-up and dressed up sexy for a night out celebrating, got to be looking my best for all the midnight kissing :-) I sure do love new years eve, lol. Take care of yourselves and have a night to remember (for good reasons) and remember to save a kiss for me x
ohh.. and dont get herpes! lol, check out them lips. :-)

November 29, 2011

Having really hot sex

Want to have real hot sex with me?

bare breasted horny woman longing to find men to meet for some great casual sex meetings.

Good evening How you’all doing? Hope your all okay, Im fine, just found myself at a bit of a loose end, the evenings still young and im home early feeling bored and I have no plans made for the night ahead. What I really need is to find some one horny and local so we could meet up and enjoy some great sex tonight… any one online now? … I’ll be hanging around for a while if you want to talk. :-)

Thanks to everyone whos been comenting on my blogs some great answers to my last blogg, I like what you would stick up my pussy, just what I want most and what I would choose for myself (in order lol) your cock, tongue fingers sex toys and all your cum, I’d take them cocks and tongues all day every day if available. Besides Nicks suggestion of tennis racket handles or cricket bat handles. No other suggestions for substitutes, no new objects I haven’t thought of masturbating myself with before, I haven’t been lusting for, or even ever tried pleasuring my self with a tennis racket handle or cricket bat handle before, I don’t normally have sports equipment around. I’m not real sporty although I do have a lot of sexual energy, I do most of my exercising in the bedroom, good place to work up a good sweat now I’m thinking handles, are they wood? splinters? equals pain not pleasure, and as you regular visitors know I’m all about the pleasure. good length, girth though! ‘giggle’ got me thinking about it now lol, you bad boy! okay have to admit it, if one just happened to be around around whilst I was feeling horny and in great need of satisfying myself and needing to cum and If I only had my fingers at hand im sure I would have contemplated fucking it. Surprisingly when I pictured the described scenario, your hard dick pounding my mouth as I guide the handle into my vagina sit my self on and ride up and down on that bat, does sound so nice and dirty, and being extremely dirty Is so thrilling. Just wondering if you have any other naughty ideas you want to be sharing or doing with me?

Also I love the thought of your offer PJ of your tongue licking me out after I’ve have had sex with my favourite male partner. Ohh! Now that really got me excited, what a turn on! The thought of you licking my hot cum filled pussy really gets my pussy juices flowing, Not just because I love oral sex it made me think that could mean that your the type of man who would meet me and another guy for mmf thresome fun. maybe double penetrate me Where are you from? I’m craving a mfm 3sum where you both would dp me for my first time and fulfil my dream of being done vaginaly and analy at the same time.

I’m really into making my sex fantasys reality and having real wild erotic sexual experiences with like minded mature and young adults over the age of 21, single and married males and bisexual females, lezzies for all girl fun, and two men at once ( if I could be so lucky) and swinging couples groups with bi wife’s. Which I’d like to politely but with some urgency, remind you all is reason I’ve made this web site :-)… So will you please give it to me!! …. until then I guess I will have to stick with my trusted friends.

You can see lots of my free hardcore amateur picture gallery’s here where you can see every part of my body in every position possible and read loads about me understand my personality sexuality and the types of relationship’s, sex flings im looking for. I’ve posted many naughty naked and fetish photo posts and clip to my blogs for you to find out everything you need to know. I want to hear from you, tell me all about yourselves,where your located, how far you could travel could you accommodate, be unable to host our encounters, What you into? post your pics to me, If you are also always hungry for sex and are into meeting and having sex rather than just wanting cyber or wanting to chat about sex, you are defiantly the man woman or couple for me, and I will be eagerly waiting for you to contact me.

October 19, 2011

What would you stick up my pussy?

Hi guys hope your all okay and feeling good? im feeling really horny today, i cant stop thinking about sex, my pussy and mouth would love some hard cock right now! Ive been ready the comments to my last post and I was thinking about going dogging and the dirty fun that could be had and now im left all horney and theres no one to have some naughty fun with wish I could just meet up with a guy right now and get my pussy screwed and give you a blowjob. The problem with this world wide web, is that most of the genuine compatable people that will hook up with me are on the other side of the world, or country, love to meet a man who I could contact and get together with right now and take all my sexual frustrations out on. Good job im so experienced at diy lol. Im going to have to pleasure myself…. again! fingers? a dildo, a vibrator, maybe a carrott, or a candle? All are a poor substitute for a throbbing dick. hmm what shall i use on My sexy pierced shaven pussy?

my horny hot wet pussy needs a good banging

What would feel really good up my juicy cunt and give me amazing orgasms? maybe try something I havent thought of masturbating with before What would you like to see me using on my pussy to get my self off? or would you fuck me? please let me know, if i like what you sugest and havent tried it before, I’ll use it on my self and take some pictures so you can see me enjoying my self and making my self cum with the object of your choice. Would be fun for me if I get lots of suggestions, Ill be masturbating all the time ( well whats new ) Hope to hear from you real soon xoxox

August 24, 2011

Want to go dogging with me?

Hi, anyone want to join me in some dogging fun? since its seems it could well be the last month or two of warm weather for us, it would be great to enjoy some outdoor dogging fun whilst we still have the chance, its not so great to be naked outside if its cold :-)

horny woman for dogging sex meets

For those of you who don’t know what dogging is, Its where couples go to a known dogging spot and have sex in their car and invite others to watch them having sex, or they let a watcher ‘dogger’ come and join them, some couples like a man to do the game willing wife whilst the husband watches, some like to give a dogger a blowjob through the cars opened window whilst being fucked by their own partner and also let the man fondle and caress the wife’s tits, or maybe finger her pussy whilst she goes down on her own boyfriends or husbands cock, others get out of the car and the woman has both oralsex and penetrative sex, over the car bonnet, or in a grassy area. Many men out looking for dogging couples are often voyeurs and just want to watch an exhibitionist couple in action, and stay hidden or a fair distance away and don’t approach the car and are happy to get a flash of a hot woman’s tits, others openly watch whilst jerking themselves off, others are there hopping to join in with the horny couple and hope to get to touch up the wife and maybe get a blowjob from her, others are up for just joining in and the wife ends up getting a fucking from one man after another whilst sucking on as many cocks too.

I’ve only been dogging a couple of times, well three times, the first time, it wasn’t really dogging, but the same sort of experience a dogging couple would have, it wasn’t planned it happened totally by accident, I was having fun with my boyfriend of the time in his car, I was stripped, nude and was getting my pussy pounded and my large breasts played with when I noticed his naughty college friends had caught us at it and were watching, I was surprised how excited it got me, I didn’t consider stopping or covering up, my body was just trembling with sexual excitement I enjoyed them watching me get screwed and enjoyed sucking my guys tool even more knowing I has an audience, I put on quite a performance :-) It was an eye opener to me I hadn’t realised I had an exhibitionist streak beforehand.

The second time, I went to see what it was all about and just watched the fun, there were quite a few people there and I think there was three couples having fun, I saw one horney busty wife suck off and screw five strange men and her husband was taking photos of her. I thought she was amazing she was in ecstasy, she kept cumming again and again as each guy emptied his load into her she was loving it, dick was being pushed in her pussy and mouth and by the end of it she was covered and absolutely dripping cum. Wow she was fantastic, shamelessly open to everyone and anyone, her body revelling in all the pleasure. I felt like getting out and sit my soaked sweet pussy on her face and ride that greedy mouth, I could tell the dirty slut would have loved it and would have been real good at eating my cunt out and would soon have me gushing over face. This babe was tantalising, just made to fuck. I thought about her getting banged often, still excites me so much now. me and my guy had a the hottest wild frantic quickie as soon as we got home and closed the front door, our orgasms were explosive, and we made love loads of times that night. I’m sure she something neither of us will forget.

The third time was a proper planned ‘lets go out dogging tonight’ thing, a guy I had just been with for a couple of months suggested we should go and frig our brains out at a known dogging spot and give the onlookers there a good show, as he guessed I would really enjoy it, he liked to spoil me and thought it would be a real treat for me and I happily agreed with him.

When we left to drive to a small parking lot we had seen advertised online we were both so sexually aroused it was a real struggle not to just rip each others clothes off and hump each other there and then. Id been tingling with excitement since he had his wonderful dogging idea, through to getting dressed and ready for our ‘dogging event’. I felt amazingly sexy and seductive with arousal as we pulled in and picked a good spot to park, a few cars were already parked there. I saw a couple parked in a car they wasn’t up to anything as yet but she was dressed very sexily, boobs all spilling out so I knew it was just a matter of time.

There was single guys sitting in each of the other cars and I thought I could see a few men in the bushes around the carpark. We was so horny we imediately turned the light on in the car, we were just longing for each other by now, we began kissing and he took my top off and got my big tits out and started sucking on them, which I love, his lips and tongue felt sensational as he teased my erect nipples, I knew I was being watched and I’m agined the guys getting their pricks out to stroke, I could feel my hungry pussy get very wet, I then slipped out of my soaked panties and took of my tight short skirt so I was totally exposed stark naked, “suck my cock” my boyfriend said, just what I wanted to hear ” show them how good you give head babe” Omg this was amazing, so I was bent over my wet dripping pussy pushed against the window my wetness dripping down, I imagine giving a wonderful view. I unzipped and pulled down my mans pants and pulled out his hard beautiful knob and gave him fellatio I started getting so into it, running my tongue up and down his shaft licking his balls teasing the eye, deepthroating him slowly for all to see, he was finding it a real turn, telling me how good it feels, and soon wanted to cum, so he pulled me off got me to sit back in my chair and put my feet on the car screen, legs as wide open as I could get them and he then asked me to finger my pretty pierced and freshly shaved pussy for a little while, “show them your wet cunt, slut” he demanded, I spread my _ pussy wide and fingered my grateful pussy until I was squirting all over my fingers, the onlookers loved this it was very exciting two guys came right up close touching the car, seeing them masturbating their hard fat dicks whilst watching me was really awesome. Then I sat on my boyfriends lap and sat down on his hard pecker, as I rode up and down on his gorgeous thick throbbing cock, tits bouncing facing the screen I could see these 2 guys with such fuckable lickable cocks in hand, wanking ejaculating getting off on us. I did feel like servicing them both. lol, hearing there words off approval and their moans and groans of pleasure, watching their hot jizz shooting all over the window, whilst I loudly came over my guys dick and he pumped a massive load of spunk deep inside me was so exciting and fulfilling. I wanted to offer myself to them all there and then, and understood perfectly at that moment why with so many couples it happens.

It can be both a daring and risky pass time, nudity and having sex in public is illegal, and could be very embarrassing for all involved if you get caught at it. This is why dogging is arranged late in the evening so not many people are out. And then you also have other risks involved in meeting total strangers for sexual fun. Then the obvious, you could catch a sexually transmitted disease. Some couples who advertise on the net do use protection and insist on condoms but there’s many more that do not and let whoever’s there bang their wife’s and girlfriends bareback and let them cum inside them. Naturally the choice of what you want to do is yours. Dogging doesn’t only go on at carparks it also takes place in some woods, forests and even laybys. Its a thrilling sexual activity and for those into exhibitionism and voyeurism, its so sexually exciting for them it can become an addictive pastime.

Well I’m definitely ready for my fourth dogging experience, How about you? Do you want to join me?

August 21, 2011

Really Amazing Sex On The Office Desk

Hello everyone xoxox Hope your all enjoying summer and are having plenty of fun in the sun :-)
Thanks to everyone who’s filled in my polls Whats the best sex you can experience? Well not too surprising receiving oralsex is coming up as the majority’s preference so far, but were not too selfish as nearly as many of us love giving oral sex as well, Ohh what a wonderful world!

I also love to suck on cock and eat pussy and love receiving oral sex, and besides my greedy moresome fantasy’s I also get so turned on having exhibitionist or more risky sex, maybe outdoors, or at a place I shouldn’t be having sex, or where we could get caught, even with someone I shouldn’t be having sex with, this really adds to my sexual excitement, to the point of being soo horny I’m trembling with lust and im at a point where there’s nothing I wouldn’t do.. if you asked..

One of the best sexual experiences I’ve had was a combination of these things, Ill tell you about it: I was only 19 years old at the time and took this parttime warehouse job to earn some extra cash during the summer. I had been working there for about four weeks, when I had to come into work on a Saturday to do a stock check with a few work collogues and my supervisor who I guessed was about thirty, I did think he was quite sexy and fairly good looking, we had flirted, but I didn’t think too much of it as I flirt with everyone :-) and I guessed he did too, although I have to admit I’d admired his ass and his bulge and had imagined riding him a few times, anyway he was my boss, married and quite a bit older than me, not my usual type at all. He had only asked less than half of us to come in that day, so I was pissed off with him for including me, and was slightly hung over from Friday night out with the girls and would rather been at home in bed, and was being quite stroppy with him. I didn’t know it was because he had plans for me…

So work started, and he sent everyone off to stock take in different areas, as I stomped off to mine he called me, “Come into my office Jane” I thought ‘Here we go, his going to have a moan at me now, not only does he want me to work my Saturdays he expects me to do it with a spring in my step and a smile on my face too!’ I went into his office, leaving the door open, he said very mater of fact “Shut the door”, As he got out of his chair “Why what you going to do to me?” I said jokingly turning my back on him walking to the door, As I shut it I felt him standing behind me, I felt his hot breath on the back of my neck “I’m going to fuck you” he whispered in my ear, wow! it was amazing, those words, his husky lust filled voice turned me on so much I was so excited I could instantly feel my nipples and cunt tingling, just recalling it now is getting me wet, I hadn’t seen this coming. he pressed his body against my back, I felt his hard dick pressing on my butt as his hands slid up inside my blouse and He started kissing my neck and fondling both of my breasts and nipples, as I was facing the door, I though I was going to cum right then!

I turned around and we began to kiss, as he unbuttoned my blouse and I slid my hand down his body and unzipped his trousers to reveal a lovely, very hard cock. I released his dick from his pants and stated rubbing it, “Get naked” he said, “What if someone comes in?” I asked “If you want to get fucked get your clothes” off he replied. I had never wanted to be screwed so much in my life, I quickly unfastened my bra, his eyes fell and fixed on my big pierced breast as I unbuttoned and slipped out my jeans skirt as fast as I could, now he could see how soaked my panties were, I was slightly embarrassed he could see how much I wanted him and He said “mmm your soaking wet you little slut”. I loved the way he spoke to me, I wriggled out of them slid them down and stepped out of them I had a brief thought of the scenario, me standing their totally naked besides my shoes facing him, him fully clothed, at work, what if someone walks in on us now? It was soon forgotten as his lips found mine and his placed his hand on my wet wanting pussy sticking a finger inside me. He started finger fucking me whilst my hands found his cock and balls. I was gasping with pleasure, as he put a second finger in me and started screwing me. I came within seconds all over his hand, Then I started taking his clothes off him, sucking, licking, kissing, running my hands and mouth over his body. His hands and mouth were now on my breasts and nipples, I was just feeling lost to lust and wanted to taste feel have every part of him. I dropped down on my knees and started stroking, licking, teasing his penis, he had a nice fat cock I was desperate to have it in my mouth, I started sucking on his dick and playing with his balls greedily taking it all in my mouth. He was thrusting and groaning with pleasure, he then told me to stop and lay on my back on his desk.

I quickly lay on the desk, legs spread as wide apart as I could get them my eyes was fixed on his wonderful thick dick, my pussy yearned for it so much “I’ve wanted to taste that pussy for so long now” he said, his words made me gasp, wow, he was taking his time with me, there was six of us in that day, and although the warehouse was large anyone of them could have walked in at anytime, the office door was shut but unlocked. he didn’t seem to even be worried about being caught, this turned me on soo much, he started fingering my pussy again, then started licking me, running his obviously skilled tongue over my clit and inside my pussy working me with his fingers, within a few minutes I was coming again over his face, he smiled knowingly at me, he then started rubbing his knob on my pussy lips teasing me, asking me if I wanted his cock I wanted it so much “Please fuck me” I begged, I didn’t think of even asking him to use a rubber,and I always made my boyfriend wear a condom, he didn’t mention protection, all I was thinking about was having that dick inside my cunt I wanted that fat dick pounding in and out of me. He then slid it inside me thrusting in and out of me, omg this was mind blowing sex, his member felt great the pleasure he was giving me was amazing, the way he was talking to me was perfect, I was feeling such a slut totally naked getting banged like this, we could be caught any minute, I was in heaven!, At first he screwed me at a slow steady pace, his cock was thick and filled my pussy and after about eight thrusts, for the third time I was coming, he held on to my hips and began pounding me faster, deeper, harder, the orgasm was amazing and as I wrapped my legs around his waist and exploded in pleasure, he shooted his load into me.

We didn’t repeat the experience, I only worked there for a few weeks more, we always exchanged naughty tell telling smiles, but we were never in the position to be alone at work again, I enjoyed the fact that he knew what a horny naughty slut I was, I let him do me bareback and cum inside me. It was one of the best sexual experiences Id had especially at that age, so if you get a chance I do recommend having sex in the office, But since then I’ve added quite a few more fantastic sexual experiences to my list since then :-) Hopefully there’s many more to come, and you will be the person who shares that experience with me, Please contact me if your interested,or post and share some of your own great experiences. thanks x

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