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This is for all the looner balloon fetish lovers out there into women who like playing with Inflated balloons, I was in my bedroom in my red bra and panties, the room was full of colorful balloons I started playing with them, sitting on ballons, popping bursting balloons with my feet heels butt and pins, breaking, demolishing and destroying vinyl rubber balloons, I spread my legs wide open rubbing my pussy up and down on the balloon till it burst, I like to step on a balloon untill it finally explodes under my feet with a nice big bang, rubbing a cock shape balloon between my boobies, I love the feel of balloons against my naked body squashing them with my big tits. What do you like poppin? would you like to see more pictures of me poping balloons? tell me what gets you hot and horny, I love balloon sex so why don't you come enjoy yourself, by reading my Fetish blog or see more of my very wild adult pics.

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Balloon pop

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Bursting balloons

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Latex balloon fetish

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